• The Garnet Chapel on the Penken

  • Capella Granato

    Capella Granata

  • dedictated to the Blessed Engelbert Kolland

  • a jewel in the Zillertal Alps

  • Closer to Heaven

  • Capella Granata, Finkenberg

    the Penkenjoch, Finkenberg

  • Hilfsprojekt für die namenlosen Kinder in Syrien

    Rosary Aid Project

  • Highlights in the Capella Granata

... and sometimes
it even turns out
to be a treasure

Welcome to the Garnet Chapel on the Penken!

As if cut out of the steel-blue sky, the sharp edges of the precise surfaces of the rhombic dodecahedron form a crystal, a great garnet. It rises above the grass of the barren alpine floor trembling in the wind, floating above a lakeshore and yet firmly anchored, reflecting in the clear water, defiant against rain and storm, setting itself apart from the ski lifts and mountain restaurants.

Shimmering in the sunlight, simple and sublime, not subordinating, yet respectful of the eternal mountain backdrop. Earth colour, rock grey and dark red interpenetrate in its crystal form - the colours of garnet. A cross, carefully cut out of one face of the rhombic dodecahedron, as a sign of faith.

A spiritual place, a place of prayer, silence, devotion, contemplation:

from the first contact with the architect to the inauguration of the chapel...

  • 22.02.2011

    First contact by Josef Brindlinger with architect Mario Botta

  • 23.02.2011

    Mario Botta's office responds to the email with a fundamental interest on the part of the star architect

  • 10.07.2012

    Start of construction negotiations of the Garnet Chapel with the municipality of Finkenberg – on the anniversary of the death of the Blessed Engelbert Koland, who died on 10 July 1860

  • 06.08.2012

    The building permit is issued by the municipality of Finkenberg. Construction is ready to go.

  • 14.06.2013

    First on-site meeting of the construction team

  • 17.06.2013

    Construction starts, with all contractors and firms setting up their equipment at the construction site

  • 27.07.2013

    Construction meeting on site with architect Mario Botta and all the other people involved in the construction of the Garnet Chapel. Mario Botta is delighted with the work that has been done.

  • 22.09.2013

    Inauguration of the Garnet Chapel on the anniversary of the baptism of the Blessed Engelbert Kolland, who was baptised on 22 September 1827


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